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Stump Remover

After harvesting mushrooms mechanically, the stumps remain standing in the soil. The stump remover is indispensable for many mushroom companies. The stump remover removes the mushroom stumps from the growing bed, without damaging the growing bed.

You don't need a stump remover when harvesting only the third flush (if you harvest only three flushes).


Many mushroom growers let their stumps fall on a net, which has been put on the ground, before using this machine.


The benefits:

  • Removes stumps while driving forwards as well as backwards

  • Conveyor removes stumps to both sides

  • Driving speed frequently adjustable

  • Height-adjustment of machine by push-buttons

  • Stainless steel

  • Saves time = money




Measurements:   1380 x 1400 x 220 mm

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