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Harvesting Machine

Side Cutter

Cable Reel

Antenna for remote control

Harvesting machine for cannery. Over the years, proved to be a very successful machine. This machine above, is equipped with on the front a side cutter. This side cutter has been developed more than once and has been working very well. The side cutter cuts the mushrooms from the sides of the beds, and throws them to the middle.

On the back, this machine is equipped with a self-propelled cable reel. The cable is a special, durable cable which remains flexible for a long period.


Capacity:             Max. 18.000 kg/hour

Driving Speed:    2 - 6 meter/minute while harvesting (manually adjustable)

                            30 meter/minute while driving backwards

Material:              Stainless Steel frame



This machine is available with options. Examples of this options:


  • Side Cutter

  • Motorized Cable Reel

  • 4 Wheel Drive

  • Remote Control


Please contact us for all the possibilities and pricing.

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