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About Van den Top

Vandentop has been founded in 1978. From the beginning, it is an innovating company with new solutions. Besides the mushroom growing industry, Vandentop built machines in several other industries.
Our Company

We keep refreshing and renewing all the the time. In the past years, we have been progressing a lot, which means our standards are very high at the moment. Still, we keep on innovating. Our machine park consist of diverse machines, such as a 3D printer, grinding machines, brake presses, EDM Wire Machine, lathes, moulding, etc.


'Be able to harvest and collect fresh mushrooms without the need of any person'. Our vision is that it must be possible to harvest quality mushrooms without high labour costs. At Vandentop, we think we are making some great improvements which will lead to this goal.


All our machines are conform 'Machinery Directives', based on the norms. We give all our machines 'CE' marking. We do invest in Health and Safety for the users of our machines.




We describe ourselves as 'machine builders'. We work precisely, if necessary on thousands of millimeters. We want to do it on one way, and that is the right way. Quality stands for sustainability.

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