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Grading Machine

Running a quality harvesting machine over your mushroom beds, will harvest all mushrooms together in one time. For a mushroom grower, it is important to learn how to grow perfectly in order for a harvesting machine to work as good as possible.


A grading machine would be a good connection with harvesting mushrooms for the sliced market. Smaller buttons can be used as a whole product, while the bigger mushrooms can go through the slicer for example.


This machine is also usable to grade the mushrooms if you need a specific size. In the first station, smaller mushrooms will fall through, at the second station the bigger mushrooms will fall through.

In this design, the main requirement is that the mushrooms cannot be damaged and/or discolored. The 'fall' of the mushrooms through the holes has been made as short as possible; approximately 10 cm (4 inches).


If you want the sorting machine to be wider, we can make it. If you need a difference size of the rollers, we can make it. Shortly said, we make all our machinery fitting to the customer's specifications. The grading machine on the picture is our standard grading machine. The standard grading machine is able to sort out appr. 4000 pounds an hour (in this example, 3 different sizes).








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