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Our program consists of all machinery to make the job easier and faster. Not only harvesting machines, but also ruffling / leveling, machine elevators, conveyor systems are parts of our program. Here is a list what we can offer you:

BQ Harvesting Machine

Harvest Quality Mushrooms with special shelves

Since 2008, Van den Top designed a new way of mushroom harvesting. The mushroom is treated in a much more gentle way. In our way, the mushrooms can be harvested in a Better Quality.

Picking Bridge

Save 250% Labour Costs

Harvesting Systems for hand picking makes our program complete. Since 2013, our new system is working without having troubles. People manage to harvest easily 200 pounds an hour per person.

Zig-Zag Shelving

Own Style Shelving

Van den Top has been investing a lot in new systems for mushroom harvesting. One of the results is our patented Zig-Zag shelving. No disadvantages, only have the advantage to be able to harvest quality mushrooms.

Ruffling / Leveling Machine

Equalize your beds and improve your yield

This ruffling/leveling machine has been redeveloped for doing his job better. A lot of experience with ruffling and leveling has been put together in this machine.

Swan Neck Conveyor

Move mushrooms from top bed down without damaging

With this special conveyor, it is possbile to move your mushrooms from your central conveyor (between your beds) down or up to working level. In the middle, there is a joint which makes this possible. Complete stainless steel and asjustable to your demands.

Harvesting Machine

Originally designed for Cannery

Van den Top started in innovating, engineering and building machinery to harvest mushrooms. We are the first company who has managed to harvest mushrooms mechanically.

Stump Remover

After Machine Harvesting, remove Stumps

Without damaging the second or third flush, this machine throws the stumps out of the casing soil. It is common use to collect the stumps on nets, which are on the ground.

Machine Elevator

Lift up your machine in front of shelves

Special designed for our machines, very easy to handle. Frames are completely sink plated.

Grading Machine

No damaging to Mushrooms

Grading Mushrooms without damaging is easier said than done. This machine handles the mushrooms very gentle, to be sure to have no discolouration.

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