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BQ Harvesting Machine

Big Brush Assembly, special designed to hold mushrooms

One person is able to work with machine, on both sides

Sliding Conveyor, moving out

of machine and out of shelves

Wheels are easily exchangable

In 2006, Van den Top introduced a new way for harvesting quality mushrooms with a machine. Completely different from harvesting for cannery purpose, this machine handles all mushrooms in a gentle way. With the result that all mushrooms remain white, even after putting them a week in the cold store.


Technical inside

First of all, this machine is different in a lot of technical ways. The mushrooms remain ‘upwards’ all the time after cutting the off the bed. This is done by a specially designed top-brush, which holds the mushrooms up after going into the machine.


Secondly, a wire mesh moves up the mushrooms into the sliding conveyor. The most of the dirt (which can be cut with the knife when your machine might be adjusted too low) will fall back on your bed again. The wire mesh moves up the exact same speed as your machine drives forward. In other words; you mushrooms remain in the ‘same position’.


Thirdly, our patented Zig-Zag Shelves makes it possible for the sliding conveyor to come ‘out’ of the shelves. As a result, your mushrooms will NOT fall, but roll into your conveyor. They also won’t damage when driving to an upright, since there is none anymore in this type of shelves. Using this machine in a normal shelve is not possible.


  • Length:

  • Width:

  • Height:

  • Weigth:

  • Power:

  • Max. Current:

  • Surrounding Temperature:

  • Harvesting Speed:


Depending on shelves dimension





+5 till +40

appr. 4000







degrees Celsius

pounds / hour

Using the machine


The BQ1046 machine is handled by just one person, who is starting the machine. This person checks whether the height of the knife is well-adjusted to the mushrooms. When working with the machine, it is possible at all times to raise or lower your knife. All motors are controlled by a frequency controller, so every speed is adjustable by the user, such as the knife speed, belt speed, brush speed and driving speed. This makes your people able to harvest the perfect mushroom, when all the adjustments are optimal. Also, there is a height adjustment for the brush above the wire mesh.

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