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Sliced Market

Sliced Mushrooms
Harvesting mushrooms 60 pounds an hour, or 3000 pounds an hour, will make a huge difference.  It's possible with our machines in combination with our Zig-Zag Shelving. The product you'll be harvesting will not discolour and will be high enough for your high class mushroom. Small buttons can be sorted out with our grading machine. By the way, we can make any size grading machine you would like.
Testing showed us that there actually is no difference in remaining white after 10 days, harvested by hand or by our machine.
B(etter) Q(uality) Machine

This harvesting machine, the BQ Harvesting machine, will only work on Zig-Zag Shelving. This patented machine will harvest your mushrooms with a speed of appr. 3000 pounds an hour with one person.


Notice that the mushrooms have to be cultured evenly. It will take you some time to learn how to do this and how to work with the machine. If needed, we can always help you out with experienced mushrooms growers and/or our technicians.

Conveyor Systems

After being harvested, the mushrooms need to be transported out of the growing room, into the boxes. When harvesting on the upper bed, the mushrooms have to be transported down to working level, in order to be able to work with the mushrooms. This has to be done very carefully and without the loss of quality. Herefor, we use our own machine, which we call the Swan-Neck Conveyor. This machine can easily be lifted up and lifted down, with the use of gas springs.

Besides the special Swan Neck Conveyor, we deliver also the conveyor systems which are used inside the growing rooms. Those conveyors must be lifted up and down, together with the bed which you'll be harvesting at. For moving the conveyor belts up and down, we make use of our own equipment. This can either be a lifting jack on wheels, a hanging lifting hoist, or a standard lifting system (and conveyor system) in each growing room.


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