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Zig Zag Shelving

Van den Top Zig Zag Shelving

Van den Top produces and delivers the new standard Zig Zag Shelving. Zig Zag shelving creates space for our special harvesting machine to 'come out' of the shelves with the conveyor belt. In this patented shelving, the uprigths are 'staggered'. With this system, you are able to harvest mechanically FRESH MUSHROOMS. QUALITY will be the same as HANDPICKED.


Zig Zag shelving has no disadvantages comparing to the 'old' style 'Dutch Shelving':


  • All watering systems can be used on this shelving

  • All filling machines can be used on this shelving

  • Handpicking, mechanical harvesting, is all possible

  • All picking lorries can be used on this shelving

  • You can make as many beds as you want

  • Bedsize is no issue

  • Standard equipped with bed-cooling technology


As the first advantage is, our B(etter) Q(uality) machine can be used on this shelving. With this machine, you are able to harvest mushrooms which remain discolored after a long time (tests have shown after 10 days, mushroom is still white). This product is perfectly usable for the sliced market. Some people even believe these mushrooms remain even more white, because they are not touched (pressure) with hands.

The second big advantage is the bed-cooling functionality of this shelving. We have a new patented way to cool down the beds. Please contact us for more information. Another big advantage compared to other shelving is the product lifetime.


As machine builders, we are secure on every millimeter. That is the reason why we don't think it's a good idea to save on materials. All our posts (uprights) have the possibility to be adjusted in heigth. In this way, we have the possibility to straigthen the shelving as no other.


Please, for more information about ZIG-ZAG shelving, contact us. We will be happy to serve you.

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