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Fresh Market

Over the past 20 years, picking by hand (labour costs) has only become more expensive. Getting people for harvesting becomes more and more an issue. Helping out mushroom growers with equipment for handpicking is more than welcome.

We believe in a solution for the fresh market. With the current techniques, we want to focus on the one-layer system for making machinery for handpicking. Current techniques don't allow us to make fitting machinery inside a shelving system.

Making a one-layer system would cost you more space, we are aware of this. Though, using our system, it's just a calculation of how soon those costs will be returned.


Results have shown that people are easily picking 2,5 - 4 times faster with our hand-picking machine. With our machine, you are easily picking 140 'pieces' - say mushrooms - a minute per machine. At this speed, it is still possbile to place the mushrooms in the machine easily. This means 8.400 (!) mushrooms an hour. Depending on how fast people can / may work, you can use this machine with 2 or 3 people at the same time.




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