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Cannery Market

Since 1978, Van den Top has built machinery for the cannery market. Where it started with a machine for harvesting mushrooms (harvesting machine), several other products where added in this cannery line. For example, after harvesting mushrooms from the bed, the stumps remained standing in the soil. Underneath, our cannery-line is explained.
Harvesting Machine

Harvesting machine for cannery. Over the years, proved to be a very successful machine. This machine above, is equipped with on the front a side cutter. This side cutter has been developed more than once and has been working very well. The side cutter cuts the mushrooms from the sides of the beds, and throws them to the middle.

On the back, this machine is equipped with a self-propelled cable reel. The cable is a special, durable cable which remains flexible for a long period.


Capacity:             Max. 18.000 kg/hour

Driving Speed:    2 - 6 meter/minute while harvesting (manually adjustable)

                            30 meter/minute while driving backwards

Material:              Stainless Steel frame



This machine is available with options. Please contact us for all the possibilities and pricing.

Conveyor Systems

Van den Top delivers all kind of conveyor systems. Conveyor systems inside your growing room, conveyor belts inside the corridor to bring the mushrooms to a central place. The only thing we need is the dimensions, we will make a suitable system.

Machine Elevator

Depending to your needs, we design the perfect machine elevator for you. Since every mushroom plant is different, we need to fit our machines into your demands. A door might be too narrow for a normal lift to get in; than we make a special turn-over machine elevator as you can see on your left. Some doors of growing rooms are too low; than we design an elevator which can reach the top of your beds, without being too high for you doors.


The advantages of our elevators are:


  • Stable

  • Simple to set-up

  • Automatic cut off and high and low position

  • Safety (impossible to walk underneath)

  • Cable reel covered for safety

  • Ready to use

Stump Remover

After harvesting mushrooms mechanically, the stumps remain standing in the soil. The stump remover is indispensable for many mushroom companies. The stump remover removes the mushroom stumps from the growing bed, without damaging the growing bed.

You don't need a stump remover when harvesting only the third flush (if you harvest only three flushes).


Many mushroom growers let their stumps fall on a net, which has been put on the ground, before using this machine.


The benefits:

  • Removes stumps while driving forwards as well as backwards

  • Conveyor removes stumps to both sides

  • Driving speed frequently adjustable

  • Height-adjustment of machine by push-buttons

  • Stainless steel

  • Saves time = money

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